Outdoor Insect Control Traps

Bugs Beware of Safer® Brand Traps

You don’t have to let outdoor pests take over your yard or garden. Get rid of nuisance insects the easy and convenient way by placing Safer® Brand and Victor® traps in areas on your property where signs of infestation are present. Many of our traps contain powerful baits to lure the pests to their demise. Our outdoor pest control traps also offer a nontoxic alternative to using man-made chemicals around your children or pets.

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Outdoor Insect, Safer® Brand Japanese Beetle Trap - 6 Traps, b70102-6
6 Traps, 6 Baits, 12 Bags
 $35.94 $47 Sale
Outdoor Insect, Safer® Brand Stink Bug Magnet Outdoor Trap, M237
Outdoor Insect, Victor® Poison-Free® Fly Magnet® Disposable Fly Trap With Bait - 6 Traps, bM530-6
 $35.94 $42 Sale
Outdoor Insect, Victor® Fly Magnet® Reusable Trap With Bait 1 qt - 6 Traps, bM380-6
 $35.94 $44 Sale
Outdoor Insect, Victor® Poison Free® Yellow Jacket & Flying Insect Reusable Trap 1qt - 6 Traps, bM362-6
 $39.96 $44 Sale
Outdoor Insect, Victor® Fly Magnet® Replacement Bait - 3 Baits, M383
Outdoor Insect, Safer® Brand Stink Bug Magnet Outdoor Trap Replacement Lure - 2 Lures, M237-LURERP
2 Lures
Outdoor Insect, Safer® Brand Japanese Beetle Trap - 3 Traps, b70102-3
3 Traps, 3 Baits, 6 Bags
 $20.99 $24 Sale
Outdoor Insect, Safer® Brand Deluxe Yellow Jacket & Wasp Reusable Trap With Bait - 1 Trap, 00280
Outdoor Insect, Victor® Yellow Jacket Replacement Bait - 2 Refills, M385
Outdoor Insect, Victor® Poison-Free® Yellow Jacket Magnet® Disposable Bag-Trap With Bait, M370
Outdoor Insect, Victor® Fly Magnet® Reusable Trap With Bait 1gal, M382
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Easy-to-Use Traps for Common Yard and Garden Pests

Our line of organic traps includes products that can effectively eliminate some of the most common yard and garden invaders including:


  • Flies
  • Yellow jackets and wasps
  • Stink bugs
  • Japanese beetles
  • Fruit flies

These traps are easy to use — just follow a few simple instructions for baiting, setting and placing. In many cases, you will begin to see immediate results. Some traps are designed for repeated use, while others can simply be thrown away and replaced once they become full.


Organic* Ingredients That Really Work!

The natural baits used in our traps are made from organic ingredients such as carbohydrates, proteins and pheromones. While our bait formulas do not pose a hazard to people or pets, they’re effective at killing those pesky insects! You can use these ingredients with total confidence in your garden and around your trees and shrubs —without worrying about harming the environment.


Everything You Need for Successful Insect Trapping

Our trapping products come with everything you need to keep the insect population on your property under control, including traps, lures and bags. You can also order replacement baits for our reusable traps, as well as trap accessories to help you maximize trap effectiveness. Many of our products are sold as budget-friendly multi-packs so you can enjoy cost-effective insect trapping throughout the entire outdoor season.


Order Your Outdoor Pest Traps Right Here at Saferbrand.com

Don’t let outdoor pests have a party on your patio or a gala in your garden! Get rid of them the fast, convenient, all-natural way with the help of organic traps from Safer® Brand and Victor®. Order yours today!


*For use in organic gardening