Safer® Brand Clothes Moth Alert Trap - 3 Pack

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  • Safer® Brand moth trap protects clothing and furniture from costly moth damage
  • Designed to alert you to moth problems
  • Traps can last up to 12 weeks
  • Contains a patented pheromone lure to traps adult moths, not larvae
  • Includes 3 Pack (6 traps and 6 lures)
  • 1 or 2 traps can protect average-size room for 12 weeks
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Safer® Brand Clothes Moth Alert Trap - 6 Traps

Don't let moths dine on your best dinner jacket or your favorite dress! Our clothes moth traps will alert you to moth problems and help to prevent moth damage.

The Safer® Brand Clothes Moth Alert Trap will lure adult moths using powerful pheromones and then trap them. Our clothes moth traps offer an economical and convenient pest control solution to moths damaging your furniture and clothing. Our clothes moth traps lasts up to 12 weeks as they trap adult moths. By trapping adult moths, you will break the breeding cycle in your home and deliver the moth control you need. Includes 6 traps and 6 lures.

Directions for Use:

  • Hang clothes moth traps at eye level in closet and rooms to be protected. Pay special attention to items containing wool, cashmere or other animal hair.
  • Use one or two clothes moth traps for an average size room. Too many traps in one area may confuse the moth and make the trap appear to not work properly.
  • Replace clothes moth traps after 12 weeks.
Safer® Brand Clothes Moth Alert Trap - 6 Traps
Model Number B07270-3
Package Contains 6 clothes moth traps, 6 pheromone lures
Required Only 1-2 traps required for the average size room
Protects furniture and clothing from moth damage, lasting up to 12 weeks
Storage Unopened package should last up to several years
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