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Going Organic

Why Choose Organic Gardening? Gardener transplanting a small plant? Why Choose Organic Gardening? Organic gardening provides a strong foundation for the vegetables, fruits, and flowers grown in the garden. Benefits of gardening organic include healthier plants, safer pest control, no toxic residues on harvested produce, cleaner waterways and a better environment. Read More »
What Sets Us Apart Woman harvesting tomatoes What Sets Us Apart Many products claim to be organic but are unable to pass the strict requirements of the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). Shop confidently knowing Safer® boasts a large array of products possessing the OMRI® Logo. Read More »
Organic Vs. Natural A woman working in her garden Organic Vs. Natural In the organic gardening world the words "organic" and "natural" are often mistakenly used interchangeably. Want to clear up the confusion? Keep reading! Read More »
Organic Pest Control Aphids crawling on a plant Organic Pest Control Many chemical insecticides not only kill pests, but also beneficial insects that prey on those pests, making reinfestation more likely. Harmful chemicals can be toxic to wildlife and the environment. Protect your family and our Earth with organic pest control products. Read More »
Gardening Advice An organic vegetable garden
Gardening Advice Follow our expert methods for growing a pest and disease-free organic garden. Learn More »
Planting Calculator Fresh vegetables
Planting Calculator Use our convenient gardening calculator to create your own custom planting calendar. Plan Your Garden »
Organic Pest Control Solutions Safer Animal Repellent Products
Organic Pest Control Solutions We offer a variety of solutions to humanely drive away nuisance animals. Shop Now »

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