A Beginner’s Guide to Vegetable Planting

A Beginner’s Guide to Vegetable Planting

Does strolling through the stalls at your local farmers market make you long for a big, beautiful vegetable garden of your own? Maybe you’ve tried a few herbs in pots on a windowsill, or maybe you set out a few tomatoes in a patch in your yard. If your garden isn’t quite living up to your dreams, don’t worry. You can learn everything you need to grow an amazing variety of fruits and vegetables right in your own backyard with our new Vegetable Planting Guide.

Eating locally and organically is more important than ever, and there’s nothing more local than the patch of ground just steps from your kitchen. When you aren’t relying on fossil fuels to package and ship produce across the country, you are helping green up the environment. In fact, each square foot of garden space that you plant can reduce your carbon footprint by about one pound each year. A 10 x 10 foot garden patch can reduce your carbon footprint by 100 pounds and provide you plenty of delicious, organic produce for just the price of a few tools and seeds.

Vegetable Planting Guide

Sound too good to be true? Starting a successful garden is entirely do-able once you have the know-how. Our guide will teach you everything you need to know about organic gardening, including:

  • How to choose the best spot for your garden, including finding the right amount of sunlight and water for best plant growth.
  • How to decide when container gardening is better than a traditional garden bed.
  • How to know what size garden you need to feed your family.
  • How to test your soil’s acidity and nutrient levels.
  • How to amend your soil to make it fertile for your new plants.
  • How to make and use natural compost for a free, organic fertilizer.
  • How to choose the right garden tools — without breaking the bank.
  • When to plant vegetables in your region.
  • How to plant seeds directly into your garden beds.
  • How to transplant young seedlings from a local garden center.
  • Best time to water your vegetable garden.
  • How to solve common gardening problems like insects, pests and weeds.
  • And we included our best vegetable gardening tips.

No one’s born with a green thumb, but you can easily learn to have one. Find out more about starting the garden you’ve always wanted by clicking the button below to download the free guide.

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