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The Grow Room Stinks: Fight Back Against Hydroponic Odors

The Grow Room Stinks: Fight Back Against Hydroponic Odors

Outdoors, the natural aromas of plants wafting by on a breeze can be very pleasing. They can be an antidote to the many manufactured fragrances we're hit with throughout the day.

Grow Room Stink

But what about when those smells are concentrated in an indoor grow room and combined with the odors of nutrient solutions and a variety of other elements? It can be a little much. In fact, these potent plant smells can be quite overwhelming! To fight the grow-room stink, you could light scented candles or incense, or use ordinary air fresheners, but those solutions barely mask strong odors and are only temporary. Instead, try one of these better options!

Sanitizing Spray

  • How it works: The glycol molecules in the spray attach to odor-causing compounds in the air and alter their chemistry so that the smell is eliminated.
  • Best for: Small or temporary grow rooms where you can use the spray during specific intense periods of odor.
  • Price: Less than $10 for a small bottle

Neutralizing Gel or Crystal

  • How it works: A small bucket or jar full of specially formulated gel or crystals placed in the grow room attract the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air that carry odors and traps them. You need to replace the container about once a month to keep it effective.
  • Best for: Wherever more elaborate venting is not possible.
  • Price: From about $7 for a small jar to $30 for a large bucket.

Exhaust Fan

  • How it works: Drawing air from the grow room and venting it outdoors not only disperses odors, it provides a steady supply of fresh carbon dioxide to your plants.
  • Best for: Grow rooms with one wall linked to the outside
  • Price: About $50 for a basic bathroom exhaust fan

Carbon Filter

  • How it works: The most effective way to clear the air is to attach a carbon filter to a comprehensive ventilation system, through which all of the air in the room is circulated and cleared of odor-causing particles. Block filters are most effective because they are very dense, allowing for slow, thorough filtration, but granular filters can work well in smaller grow rooms.
  • Best for: Indoor gardens with a large area and many plants.
  • Price: The filters alone start at around $50; fan-and-filter combos start at around $120.

What Does Your Grow Room Smell Like?

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