Your Smartphone Is A Hydroponic Tool

Your Smartphone Is A Hydroponic Tool

Everybody has those apps on their phones that they almost never use. (You know the ones.) But then, if you’re like most people, you also have those go-to apps that you reference all the time. Checking Instagram. Playing music. Whatever you’re into. And that’s the thing: If you’re into your indoor grow room, you should have apps that can help. Check out these. They are seven of the best.

The Plant Doctor: When your plants are in distress, you can scroll through a list of 32 common symptoms, such as “new leaves turn yellow” or “leaf tips are brown,” and select those that apply. The Plant Doctor will then give you a diagnosis and recommend the cures ($2.99 for iOS).

Bugs in the Garden: Wondering what pests are eating your plants? Check out this app’s detailed illustrations and photos, including both adult and larval stages of 24 insects, some of which plague indoor gardens. You’ll also find out which plants they commonly feed on and the damage they do. Once you know which pest your indoor garden is troubled by, you can visit to find the right organic solution ($0.99 for iOS).

GroLog: Detailed records of what’s happening in your indoor garden can ensure that you’re giving your crops timely care and can provide you with information you can use to avoid repeating mistakes. GroLog lets you track and review a wide range of data, from transplant dates to nutrient dosages to room conditions. It also lets you set a schedule of tasks and gives you reminders so you can be sure to stick to it (free for iOS and Android).

GrowBuddy: Designed specifically for indoor growers, GrowBuddy lets you track each plant by strain, age, and growth stage. It allows you to create custom nutrient schedules specifically for your crop and conditions and includes a calculator so you add just the right amount of nutrients for your plants’ needs (free for iOS and Android).

Hygrometer: Humidity is a critical environmental factor in your grow room. When it’s too high, your plants may suffer and damaging fungi can begin to grow. With this app, you get an up-to-the-minute reading of the humidity outside, which can help you determine whether you need to dehumidify inside (free for iOS and Android).

Luxmeter: To be sure that your indoor plants are getting enough light to grow and flower, you can check the intensity of your bulbs with a light meter, a tool often used by photographers. With readings from this app, you can make decisions about where to position plants and light fixtures and when it’s time to replace the bulbs. Your indoor plants need a minimum of 250 watts; they’ll be most productive with more than 400 watts (free for iOS and Android).

Convert Any Unit Free: How many tablespoons in a cup? How many cubic feet in a cubic meter? What is 20 degrees Celsius on the Fahrenheit scale? When reading directions or buying products, you often need to convert one form of measurement to another. With this simple app, you can break down nearly 6,000 units of measurement in 42 categories, including dynamic viscosity, volume flow, illuminance, and others that are very useful for indoor growers (free for iOS).


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