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Fight Flies With Safer® Brand Outdoor Insect Solutions

Shoo fly, don’t bother me! If these pesky insects don’t heed your polite request, it’s time to call in the reinforcements. Safer® Brand products include a number of ways to fight off flies, including fly ribbons, fly traps and fly magnets.

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The Dangers of Flies

Flies aren’t just annoying bugs. They can also carry serious diseases, including E. coli, typhoid, cholera, salmonella and parasitic worms.

Flies can pollute food by laying their larvae, sparking serious digestive problems if those larvae are actually digested. Plus, it’s annoying to lay out a spread for a barbeque and have flies hovering around and bothering your guests.

Ways to Combat Flies

While you want to zap flies, you don’t want to spray your yard with harsh chemicals from traditional pest control that could harm your family or household pets. That’s where Safer® Brand can help. Our products are free of synthetic chemicals, and they’re compliant for use in organic production, meaning you won’t hurt the environment by using them.

Instead of emitting a nasty chemical scent, Safer® Brand fly spray leaves a fresh, citrus smell behind. Our fly spray has been manufactured in a CFC-free aerosol bottle, and our fly traps and ribbons are chemical-free. The traps lure in the flies by emitting pheromones rather than man-made chemicals.

Safer® Brand’s Promise: Outdoor Fly Solutions

Stop outdoor flies from spreading disease with Safer® Brand’s products tailored to your needs. Whether you use fly traps or sprays, you can fight flies while also eliminating the threat of future infestations by killing off egg sacs and larvae.

Since 1987, we have been providing reliable gardening solutions. Draw on our considerable pest control experience the next time you encounter a fly problem. Trust Safer® Brand to fight outdoor flies for you and your family.

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