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What is a Grow Tent?

What is a Grow Tent?

Q: I've heard about these things for hydro gardeners called grow tents. What are they?

A: A grow tent is a tall but compact tent with reflective interior walls that can fit into most coat closets. The best grow tents are lightproof, waterproof and feature foil-covered walls and airtight vents. Inside there’s space to hang a grow light, set a few plants and attach a fan.

Mostly grow tents are used for people raising high-dollar crops that they produce for personal use. Grow tents are too small for any sort of industrial use.

Since grow tents are so small and isolated from other plants, they tend to be relatively pest and disease free. Your only concern should be that the plants inside get enough air circulation to avoid mold and fungus.

Supplement the plants in your grow tent by adding liquid and granular nutrients, which provide valuable energy for your plants’ multiple growth stages.

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