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Crawling Insect Library

Although we may turn up our noses in disgust when we see one of these insects crawling across our basement or kitchen floors, we can learn how to control them so they don't control us! Using a product that features diatomaceous earth such as Safer® Brand Ant and Crawling Insect Killer Powder allows you to eliminate crawling insects such as ants, ticks, stink bugs, roaches, silverfish, earwigs and bed bugs without using harmful chemicals.

By learning more about these insects as well as finding solutions to eliminate them, you can feel relieved knowing your home or organic garden is free from crawling insects.



The ant's remarkable antennae can sense changes in air pressure, perceive odors, and feel movement and vibrations. Its body is made up of three segments which are surrounded by an exoskeleton.

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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs feed exclusively on blood and have been known to travel great distances in search of a food source. Bed bugs typically travel in large numbers and can quickly become an infestation in your home.

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It may seem like infestations happen overnight. Adult females can lay 40 eggs at one time which can hatch in 2-7 weeks! Our world has 3,500 species of roaches, the U.S. only has 55 species.

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Just because it's an insect, doesn't mean it's not a doting mother! A female earwig will fiercely protect her eggs, and she will protect her babies through their first molt.

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Fleas can quickly go from a few to a major infestation in a matter of days. Fleas can terrorize your pets and can even bite you and your children. Control fleas without the use of harmful synthetics with our effective flea control products.

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Silverfish prefer places with high moisture, such as basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens. They do not have wings, so they cannot fly, but they are still extremely fast when they scurry!

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Stink Bug

Stink Bugs

These smelly pests have grown in vast numbers in recent years and are extremely tough to eliminate. Stink bugs can take over your house in a matter of days and with their reproduction schedule, can quickly increase from a few into a full blown infestation.

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Did you know that ticks are members of the arachnid group, having eight legs in the adult stage and lacking antennae at all stages? Tick "season" isn't just in summer, they can be present all year.

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