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Safer® Brand is dedicated to the love of the Earth and the environment. Beyond organic gardening, Safer® Brand sees animal shelters as an opportunity to contribute to improving the environment and providing for the welfare of animals.

Safer® Brand also recognizes that many shelters are operated on a shoestring budget and these facilities often rely on the donations and assistance from the public and cash-strapped local governments. With the Shelter Helpers program, Safer® Brand is aiming to help relieve some of that budgetary stress.

The program is simple: Qualifying shelters and animal rescue organizations earn 10% off their first order of products on and 10% off any orders after that.

With a strong focus on pest control, Safer® Brand has a number of products that may appeal to facilities dealing with the common pests that can plague animal shelters, including fleas and flies.

To get approved for the Safer® Brand Shelter Helpers program, you'll need to fill out the Shelter Helpers application form and provide your 501(c) documentation. After that, we'll process your form and contact you when you're approved.

Shelters and other animal rescue facilities may find the following Safer® Brand products helpful:
  • ULTIMATE FLEA TRAP™ – If you have fleas infesting your facility, this simple non-toxic trapping system can be set up in moments. Fleas are attracted to heat sources and when fleas explore this trap, they become stuck on its sticky pad. Learn More »
  • FLYING INSECT KILLER – This OMRI Listed® insect killer uses pyrethrin, d-limonene and potassium salts of fatty acids to create a contact killer for flies, mosquitoes and moths. Learn More »
  • FLY TRAPS – Using a special attractant, Fly Magnet® Fly Traps are a poison-free option for eliminating fly problems outside. These traps target house, barn and bottle flies. Learn More »
  • ANT & ROACH KILLER – An OMRI Listed® aerosol spray kills crawling insects on contact, which keeps these pests out of food bowls. Use it to kill ants, roaches and many other crawling insects. Learn More »
  • DIATOMACEOUS EARTH – Apply 100% Diatomaceous Earth powder around your facility in all the places that crawling insects hide. It kills fleas, bed bugs, roaches, ants, earwigs and many other insects that can be a problem in shelter facilities. Learn More »
If you have any questions about the Safer® Brand Shelter Helper program, contact the Safer® Brand team at
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