Ornamental Gardening

Child-Friendly Gardens: Vegetable gardens for kids

12 Jan , 2017  

Tomato gardening for kids
For many adults, gardening is a continual learning experience as we discover growth cycles, pest problems and best practices…

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Safer® Brand Scholarship Winner November 2016: Wendy Lagerquist

30 Dec , 2016  

Safer® Brand is pleased to announce the selection of the July 2016 winner of our twice-a-year scholarship contest. This…

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How to Build a Compost Barrel (with Photos)

19 Dec , 2016  

How to Make a Compost Bin
If you’ve decided to begin composting, then you have two options, you can start a compost pile somewhere in your backyard…

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Home Pest Control

6 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Common Household Bugs [VIDEO]

16 Dec , 2016  

How to get rid of common household bugs
Are there tiny black bugs in your house? Perhaps you’ve found a few white bugs clinging to an indoor plant? During…

Home Pest Control

15 Houseplant Pests and Ways to Get Rid of Them Naturally

22 Nov , 2016  

Three pots of herbs on a window sill-- Marjoram, Rosemary, and Lemon Balm
Bugs belong outside. However, sometimes we like to bring the outdoors in like growing herbs in our kitchen or using certain…

Vegetable Gardening

How to Clean Up Diatomaceous Earth

21 Nov , 2016  

spilled diatomaceous earth too much diatomaceous earth
Using Diatomaceous Earth to target an insect infestation in your home, garden or business is a great choice when you’re…



How to Choose the Right Indoor Grow Lights

16 Nov , 2016  

Greenhouse Plant row Grow with LED Light Indoor Farm Agriculture Technology
This is a guest post by Kevin Espiritu from Epic Gardening. As winter approaches, many soil gardeners are turning to indoor…

Home Pest Control

7 Common Christmas Tree Bugs and How to Get Rid of Them

14 Nov , 2016  

insects in christmas trees bugs in christmas tree
It’s the question on everyone’s minds this holiday season: Should I cut down a real Christmas tree or buy a fake one?…

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