Safer® Brand Scholarship Winner July 2016: Charlotte Ljustina

21 Jul , 2016  

Hiking organic living
Safer® Brand is pleased to announce the selection of the July 2016 winner of our twice-a-year scholarship contest. This…

Vegetable Gardening

Organic vs. Natural: What it Means for a Garden

23 Jun , 2016  

Gardening terms organic natural
In the world of pesticides and repellents, it’s understandable that you might assume the words “organic”…

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Vegetable Gardening

26 Organic Gardening Tips and Tricks

22 Jun , 2016  

Organic Gardening Tips
Gardening requires a lot of work. But seeing those first few ripe, red tomatoes and the satisfaction of knowing your family…

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Vegetable Gardening

How to Tell Good Caterpillars from Bad Caterpillars

17 Jun , 2016  

If you ask any gardener, there are very few “good caterpillars.” These eating machines can lay waste to a garden over…

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Rose Gardening

What Type of Rose Should I Plant?

13 Jun , 2016  

Best type of rose to plant. Photo by Alicia Lawrence
With their beauty and cultural significance, it’s easy to see why many people choose to grow roses. Nevertheless, many…

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Lawn & Landscape

18 Easiest Flowers to Grow

9 Jun , 2016  

Yarrow Easy to Grow Flowers
Tending your flowerbeds can be tough in the regular rush of life, but that doesn’t mean you have to let them grow haggard…

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Lawn & Landscape

Life Underground: How Various Soil Organisms Deliver Healthy Grass

18 May , 2016  

Organic microganisms in Lawn Tips
The soil beneath your lawn is teeming with life, most of these soil organisms are invisible to us but all of it vital to growing…

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