Organic Wild Animal Control: Repellents for Organic Gardening

Organic Wild Animal Control: Repellents for Organic Gardening

If you are interested in going organic, and you need a method of wild animal control that complies with an organic regimen, a great option is to try repellents that are approved for organic gardening.

Repellents, or contact repellents, are products topically applied or attached directly to a plant that are intended to deter animals. Repellent sprays, concentrates, powders and granular products that are approved for use in organic gardening work effectively in this way to keep nuisance animals from your garden or lawn, without the use of harmful chemical pesticides.

These repellent products work by targeting animals’ heightened senses of smell and/or taste with ingredients animals hate, creating an unpleasant experience that will keep them away from the protected area(s).

Some ingredients, like capsaicin or pepper oils, create a physical discomfort by burning the animals’ senses of taste and/or smell. Other ingredients, like putrescent egg or dried blood, induce more of a psychological discomfort, naturally inducing fear in animals.

The most effective repellents for organic gardening repel both ways: by scent and taste. These repellents are considered dual-deterrents, and although they are generally sold at a premium, the results are worth the cost.

How to Identify a Repellent for Organic Gardening

Repellents approved by the USDA for use in organic gardening will likely bear the “For Organic Gardening” seal, seen here:

Organic Gardening

Another certification that assures compliance with an organic regimen is the OMRI® Listed logo:


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