Discover all the choices available when setting up and outfitting your indoor garden. From grow lights and planting media to feeding and watering systems, here you can find the best options for your crops.

The Best Hydroponic Lights for You

Plants outdoors thrive in sunshine, a full-spectrum light source. Indoors you have to provide the light they need—a sunny window just doesn’t let enough through for plants to grow beyond the sprouting stage. You have a few choices of grow lights that vary...


Build a Basic Hydroponic System

You don’t have to invest in a lot of expensive, high-tech equipment to start an indoor garden. For less than $75, you can build a basic hydroponic system and get a crop growing. The setup explained here is an adaptation of the design introduced by Bernard...


Perfect Indoor Grow Room Setup

Below we explain what you need to set up a grow room of your own, with options to take you from basic to fully outfitted. Bright Lights Outdoor plants get the full spectrum of light, ultraviolet to infrared, from the sun. Inside, you need lights...


Choose the Best Indoor Garden System for You

You have many options when starting an indoor garden, from very simple, even do-it-yourself setups to complex, highly efficient systems. All can produce a healthy crop of plants with an abundance of flower buds. The best system for you depends on your...